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MagicINFO Checkup

Get insights in the status of your MagicINFO environment and user tips to get the most out of the software

Let's check your MagicINFO account!

The MagicINFO Checkup is like a health check for your body, or you could call it a sanity check. What we do is we dive into your MagicINFO account and we analyze it by using an extensive checklist and after that you get a Checkup Report. We walk you through the configuration, device statuses and settings, how you are using content, playlists and schedules. 

  • It will identify vulnerabilities and potential problems – in your setup as a whole.
  • It confirms your existing working methods are effective – so you can be confident that you are doing it just fine, or not.
  • It provides insights into whether your signage system is up to date - including firmware and more.
  • After the report you can work on optimizing your account -  and do it well organized.
  • You get insight into new features that came with new versions that you could have missed. 




Optimize and get user tips! 

By choosing the MagicINFO Checkup, our expert analyzes your MagicINFO account. From content management to server settings. At the end you get a Checkup Report with quick wins and long term advice so you can:

  • work more efficiently,
  • optimize your account, 
  • solve problems before they happen.

The MagicINFO Checkup costs normally €285 and is now available with an introduction discount of 10% for €256. Use this coupon during your order. 

Coupon code


Valid until 31 december 2022. Copy and paste the code during your order.